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View of the Ponte Vecchio from across the Arno near Piazzale Michaelangelo in Florence, Italy

So much to see/do, so little time!

I was bitten by the travel bug (quite badly, I might add) when I got a taste of the world when studying abroad in Florence, Italy during college. Since then, I have made it my goal to take one big trip each year and as many mini getaways as possible. As soon as I book one trip, I am already fantasizing about planning the next one. It’s like an addiction! And I get just as much joy out of planning the trips as I do when I actually get to go on them (okay, maybe not AS much joy… let’s call it 40/60).

I get my inspiration for trip planning pretty much from everywhere. Movies, books, news, music, co-workers, family, etc. Very rarely do I not casually start researching a destination after hearing how amazing it is. Frankly,  I want to go everywhere! There is so much to see, experience, learn, try!

Until now, you could find my hypothetical travel plans in a variety of shapes and sizes– on post-it notes, saved as a draft on my phone, on my laptop, in a notebook, etc. Let’s just say, I haven’t always been the most organized travel planner. I would research what I wanted to do, see if it was feasible for this year, and if it was, I would move ahead, and if not, I would move on to the next one…

I created this blog to have one place for me to keep all my hypothetical travel plans, reflect on my trips, keep track of important news, share interesting articles and travel deals, and more. In addition, I created this blog to help those who are looking for the quick details of what to do, costs, when to travel, etc. for those who want to get away but just don’t have time to do all the digging that I get joy out of doing. Planning a trip takes time and to many, is HARD. In order to do a good job, you need to talk to people, stay up-to-date on news, and read, read, read… who has time for that? Especially if you are looking at buying a hotel deal or vacation package via a flash sale travel website such as Jetsetter, Snique Away, etc. You have to act QUICK with those websites and very few times will you find a hotel or deal that suites your exact needs when you just happen to be looking (normally you JUST miss it… right?).

If you love travel planning and researching, like I do, you make time for it. But if your schedule prevents you from doing so, or you just don’t enjoy it, well, I hope this blog helps you.

Read more here: Welcome!

Happy traveling (and planning)!

Some additional notes:

This blog expresses the personal  thoughts and opinions of the blogger, only. All photos used were personally taken or have been given proper credit. If a photo does not have proper photo credit, please contact us and we will edit it immediately.

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