Deal Alert: Buy A Package of 3 R/T Virgin America Tickets from Gilt City

4 Aug

Gilt City has a great promotion going on right now with Virgin America. If you’ve flown the airline before, then you already know it’s clean, has great snacks and great entertainment options. If they had more options for short or medium-haul flights from NYC, I’d scoop one of these bad boys up right away.


Starting today, if you visit Gilt City (– note: membership required), you can purchase a bulk package of 3, 5 or 10 Virgin America flights.



Here are the options (*note: prices are for coach seats only):

Package of three roundtrip flights:

– 3 short-haul (ex: SFO to SEA): $427

– 3 medium-haul (ex: DFW to LAS): $964

– 3 long-haul (ex: JFK to LAX): $1,205


Package of five roundtrip flights:

– 5 short-haul: $673

– 5 medium-haul: $1,521

– 5 long-haul: $1,900


Package of 10 roundtrip flights:

– 10 short-haul: $1,270

– 10 medium-haul: $2,870

– 10 long-haul: $3,585


If you’re a business traveler or someone constantly on the go, definitely pounce on one of these packages– they are going FAST!

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