Quick Travel Wishlist

23 Jun

I’ve been back from Thailand for almost a full month now and the “itch” is back in full swing… You know, the itch… the one that gets your leg shaking, heart racing, and your eyes moving across a map for the next new and exciting location to explore. For those who aren’t following, I of course mean the travel itch.

My fiance (oh, I didn’t mention? I got engaged in Thailand :)) told me “NO VACATIONS UNTIL OUR HONEYMOON” (yes, in that stern tone of voice) and put me on strict “saving mode.” Now, we aren’t planning on getting married for two years so for me to not take a vacation for TWO WHOLE YEARS, is absolutely ludicrous– right? right??? Okay… so maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to be practical and actually save for the amazing honeymoon I am envisioning (screw the actual wedding– I care more about an exotic honeymoon!– Sri Lanka/India/Maldives or Seychelles/Kenya anyone?) but it does pain me a bit to not have ANYTHING in the travel queue…

So I’m not *technically* allowed to plan any trips, but that doesn’t mean I’m not necessarily prohibited from day-dreaming about one. To feed into my wanderlust, I’ve been thinking about the following destinations. If you know of any good deals for a quick 4 or 5-day jaunt, let me know!!! I think I can justify a getaway if it is reasonably priced… right?

My Current Travel Wishlist

1. Copenhagen, Denmark– I’ve heard nothing but good things about this place and it seems totally doable in just a few days!

2. Dublin/Galway, Ireland– totally doable in 5 days but airfare has been rising lately. I shoulda taken advantage of those $600 for 5 night deals when I saw them! hmph.

3. Florence, Italy– Okay, so I lived there for 4 months and was there two years ago… who cares? I love this damn place!

4. Palm Springs/Joshua Tree, CA– I am a horrible domestic traveler but this has been on my list for a while.

5. Ft. Meyers, FL– Florida has some incredible beaches and I’ve heard great things about this little town.

6. Antigua, Guatemala– I REALLY want to get to Guatemala before the end of the Mayan calendar. I think it would be so fascinating to learn more about the Mayan culture. I got a taste in Mexico last year, but Guatemala is where it’s at! A visit to Tikal is a must too…

7. Reykjavik, Iceland– you knowwww I’m dying to go to Iceland.

8. Glasgow, Scotland

9. Dublin, Germany

10. Prague, Czech Republic

11. Budapest, Hungary

12. Interlaken, Switzerland– snow tubing and sky diving, please!

13. Vienna, Austria

12. Krakow, Poland

13. Hawaii

14. Brussels, Belgium

15. Nice, France

16. Montreal– my brother is moving so now have an excuse to go!

17. Las Vegas– meh, but I gotta get there some day

18. Portland, Oregon– would love to do some wine tasting here!

19. Napa Valley, CA– same for here!

20. Asheville, NC

Am I missing any? Remember– these are suggestions just for places that are doable in 5 days or less!


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