Travel Beauty Tips from Women’s Health Magazine

5 May

This month, Women’s Health magazine features some great survival beauty tips for those on the road traveling. See below for some tips from the article in their current issue and check out more at!

Nobody wants an out-of-town mishap to derail their vacation. These quick fixes from the editors will prevent any unexpected health hang-up from ruining your getaway.

1.         Treat a scorching sunburn

Thin skinned and easily forgotten spots like the ears and the tops of the feet often suffer the worst sunburn.  First take an ibuprofen to help curb any inflammation.  Next, hit the grocery store for some white vinegar; dilute one teaspoon of it into a pint of cold water and every few hours cover the burn for 10 minutes.

2.         Manage motion sickness

It’s hard to enjoy sailing when your heads hanging over the side of the boat.  Taking slow deep breaths of fresh air and focusing on the horizon should help. So can nibbling on some ginger candy or placing a drop of peppermint oil under your tongue.

3.         Fix a chipped tooth

For a small chip, use an emery board to file down sharp edges, just as you do to fingernail. Since cracked tooth enamel can leave nerves exposed, if you feel pain you can temporarily seal the area with Krazy Glue. For bigger chips, put broken tooth pieces in a container filled with cold milk; the sugar compounds can keep tooth cells alive for 72 hours.


One Response to “Travel Beauty Tips from Women’s Health Magazine”

  1. Eva Wong May 8, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    Being able to travel around the world is a gift.

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