Countdown to Thailand!

3 May

I am just one week and one day away from my very first visit to Thailand and I can hardly contain my excitement! Being this close to a trip is certainly exciting but it can also be just as stressful. Are my hotels all booked? Do I know where to go once I land? What do I do about currency? etc. etc.

I am not one to take the laid back approach when it comes to trip planning. I like to be very thorough with everything I do to ensure a relaxed, stress-free vacation.

Below are some of the things I am doing, just one week out, to eliminate some of that unnecessary, and unwanted, stress. If you are approaching a vacation and haven’t done these things already, be sure to get on it!

  1. Re-confirm all hotels, domestic and international flights
  2. Research airport transfers; will it be easy to get a taxi to your hotel? If not, arrange for a car to pick you up at the airport, prior to your departure
  3. Re-confirm all tours/activities, if pre-booked. If not, research to make sure you won’t be shut out upon arrival due to crowds
  4. Print all confirmation emails, receipts, etc. or keep them accessible on your iPad, cell phone, etc. to make sure you have proof of your purchase
  5. Call your cell phone carrier to ask them about roaming charges. If you need cell phone access, consider adding on an international plan to avoid sky-high charges. Otherwise, be sure to purchase a calling card so you can let your loved ones know when you’ve arrived safely
  6. Change some of your currency to get small bills in the local currency. This will be helpful for tips, transportation, etc. Choose whether you’d like to rely on traveler’s checks, cash or your atm card. A mix of each is usually a good balance- you never want to be 100% reliant on your atm card and then run into lack of access to machines!
  7. Call your banks (checking and credit cards) and let them know you are traveling so they don’t freeze your account once they see foreign transactions
  8. Make two copies of your passport. Keep one in your wallet (for when the original is locked in a safe) and another one at home
  9. Make copies of your credit cards, atm card and traveler’s checks to leave at home, just in case you lose your wallet and need those details
  10. Purchase TSA-friendly locks and toilet trees (if you are going with carry-on only)
  11. If bringing prescription medications, make sure you have a doctor’s note so you don’t encounter any trouble at security
  12. Type up an itinerary that includes details about where you are staying, what you are doing and how you are getting there to help keep you organized and your family informed of your travels
Keep this checklist handy and hopefully it will help you on your next vacation!

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