Contest Alert: Expedia’s FriendTrips Facebook Contest

31 Mar

Just received word about a pretty cool contest Expedia is hosting on Facebook. It’s an innovative idea that really takes social media contests to a new level.


How it works:

  • Go to Expedia’s Facebook page and “like” them
  • Click the “Play the FriendTrips Game” button in the menu on the left side of the screen
  • Pick a FriendTrip you’d like to enter to win (5 are worth more than $100K!) and select 5 friends you’d like to vacation with, should you win (no imaginary friends and all friends must have active Facebook accounts)
  • Return to the homepage and start all over again! Note: you may only enter one FriendTrip per destination but feel free to enter planes for every destination on the list, or ask your friends to invite you to any of the other twelve destinations

With this sweepstakes, Expedia is offering more than $1 million in prizes, including four $250 travel credits each day to contest participants who share pictures and stories of why they want to visit a particular featured destination.

Hurry on over, and make sure your friends are fans of Expedia’s Facebook page. You may end up on a flight with 5 friends, heading to your dream destination, before you know it!


Good luck!


Read more:

New York Times:

Conde Nast Traveler:


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