Vacation Idea: Head to… The Middle of Nowhere?

29 Mar

Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

Lonely Planet recently pulled together the top 10 best “middle of nowhere” places and many of them are absolutely stunning!

The list features:

  1. Concordia, the junction of the Baltoro, Godwin-Austen and Vigne Glaciers in Baltistan, in northern Pakistan (which requires 10 days of walking to reach it!)
  2. Empty Quarter, Saudi Arabia– the largest area of sand on earth
  3. Cape York, Australia
  4. Quttinirpaaq National Park, Canada– Canada’s second-largest national park
  5. North Pole— nothing but frozen ice means no land, which also means, no Santa’s workshop. Sorry folks…
  6. Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile: a true place for lonely hearts, this Pacific island is home to around 500 people and sees less than 100 visitors a year.
  7. Nevado Mismi, Peru
  8. Olkhon Island, Russia– get a look at this Lake Baikal island during your Trans-Siberian Railway journey.
  9. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia– this area is actually closer to Los Angeles than Moscow. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how HUGE Russia is than I don’t know what will!
  10. Scotty’s Castle, USA– A “middle of nowhere” place in the USA? Now I’m intrigued… road trip?

It’s tempting to think about escaping the hustle and bustle of real life for a “middle of nowhere” adventure (free of cell phone reception). Any places you’d like to add to your bucket list? Robinson Crusoe Island sounds pretty incredible to me…

Visit for more information about these places.


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